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We Define Your Business Need to Succeed

971 Media creates and develops the core of your marketing message that must remain consistent across all your marketing channels, starting from your Logo & Slogan to Website, Social Media, Online Marketing Tools, Photography, Videography, Supported Software’s and ending by offline media.

We do it from A to Z in a simple, direct, and easy way to be remembered and understood according to your business need.
Your marketing message is the essence of your brand or company, it tells external and internal target audiences the benefits of associating with a company.
And concisely covers why the company is different and why the target group should care.

971 Media creates uniquely your own marketing message, since even businesses that sell identical consumer products differ based on their company cultures, customer service practices, pricing and more, clearly we define the difference between you and your competitors and make your brand relatable for your audience.

Can you describe
what your company is and does,
in just a few words? We do !!

Where it’s difficult for entrepreneurs, particularly when there are complex service or products involved.

971 Media is an essential to boil down what your company or brand provides, or more specifically, how customers or clients will benefit from what you offer.
As we develop your core message, we throw out the words "our" and "we," and replace them with "you" and "your."

971 Media create an effective core message communicates the benefits customers will enjoy when they buy from you. It intrigues and captures the interest of the customer. It's not the place for a litany of product and service features. Use your core company or brand message to use benefits to make a promise, and let the remainder of your communications explain how you will deliver on that promise by detailing the selling features. The advertising campaigns and slogans we create capture the essence of your core message. Because while slogans and campaigns may come and go, your core message is the heart and soul of what you offer as a brand or company and should experience a much slower evolution. It may take time for customers to internalize the essence of your core message, and it can be difficult to change perceptions once they're established. So we fine-tune your marketing message with an eye toward longevity and staying power to support your company's growth over time.

Build your own dreams Or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

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"In a world where people have a lot of choices, the story may be the deciding factor." Nick Morgan

Always think "people first", because people tell stories. Understand the emotional triggers and then bring it to life through the quality you create and the platforms you choose. The massive advantage in this online world of video is the ability to target, reiterate, target and reiterate again and again and again.

“ Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell “